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Benchmarking: my results

Yeah, so I didn’t benchmark.  I couldn’t do my 25 in 5 and I only got a 2 on positional blocking. PLUS, I was late (but I won’t get into that because … urgh, kids!), so I missed out on five things.  He let me make up two of them, but I was SOL on the other three things.  Those three I have to make up next week are:

  • Jumping ( Hops over an object at least 3 inches in height without touching the object or losing balance while skating at a moderate pace),
  • Squatting (Squats and coasts through the entire straightaway and turn), and
  • Focus (Can look left, right, and behind quickly and unexpectedly while maintaining regular skating stride at a moderate pace).

This weekend, most of the league is heading to Moose Jaw for Li’l Chicago’s Big Hit Derby Boot Camp.  It sounds like fun, and I hope everyone enjoys themselves.  I can’t afford to go, but that’s life I suppose.  

When everyone gets back, I’ll hopefully get to make up those three skills I missed, and redo my 25 in 5 and positional blocking.  

I missed the blocking practices we had because I was sick, so I’m trying not to beat myself up too much on that.  I got a good look at what it’s supposed to look like now, so I think I have a better idea how to do it.  As for the three skills I missed, I am fairly confident that I can get at least a 3 on them.  

To be honest, I got threes across the board on the skills I did test on, except for self-propelling.  I got a 4 on that.  :D  Super chuffed because I could have sworn I did crappy on that.  I am painfully average it seems, even in derby.  

But here’s the thing about roller derby:  you get knocked down (a lot), but you quite literally have to pick yourself back up right away and just keep going.  I think that’s a great way to live life. 


This is it.  The week we’ve all been waiting for, and to be honest, dreading a bit.  This week our roller derby league will be benchmarking as a whole.  *deep breath*

A coach from another league will be coming in today for two bootcamps and then a night of benchmarking.  I’m really very nervous.  I’m not sure I’ll benchmark, but I’m sure as hell going to try!  

What’s going to make it extra difficult and exhausting is that I have to travel two hours tomorrow to attend a career fair at our northernmost school.  Oi.  Maybe I can sleep on the way there and back … haha

Wish me luck!  I’ll let y’all know how I did on Thursday or Friday.  

War Wounds

I finally got my first real derby injury.  I’d say I’m super pumped about it, or that I’m proud .. but it really hurts and I got it by not looking.  I got bumped from behind and went flying into the wall.  Since we practice in a glorified quanset, I have to say … boards probably would have hurt less.  :P

I am having a blast at derby though.  I really hope I benchmark and make the team.  >_<

Derby Update

At first the holidays got in the way, then money, and then lack of facilities, and so after a (long) hiatus, I am finally back at derby.  The first practice back was painful.  I was hit twice – well, three if you count my crash into the wall. Haha  I am sporting a wonderfully sore shoulder, but happy to say that the rest of me is not as sore as I was the first practice.

The current goal is the get into shape so I can benchmark (fulfill the minimum requirements).  The league as a whole will be benchmarking mid-April.  I am both terrified and insanely excited!  I am still not in shape enough to do my 25 in 5 (laps in minutes), but I am working on it.  We are focusing on cardio and our stops because apparently the two most common reasons for failing to benchmark is the 25 in 5 and failing to execute proper stops.  I nearly have all my stops down, but am slow to get up.  But I will get there!

Once we have enough girls benchmarked, we will be able to participate in scrimmages and possibly even bouts!  I must not get ahead of myself though.  First … benchmark … then the WORLD!  Muahahahaha!

Smash n Grab

So Roller Derby has come to my wee corner of Saskatchewan.  I couldn’t be more filled with squee!

@NDNSpeechmom (aka my cousin Skye) can attest to the fact as a child, we used to watch roller derby on our FarmerVison tv.  (FarmerVision is what we used to call our two broadcast channels that aired mainly farm-focused programming.  Ah the joys of the pre-satellite era) I remembered biking the kilometer across the field to her house and watching roller derby with her, being mesmerized by the tough women skating around the track, beating the crap out of one another.  

I clearly remember declaring that I wanted to do that one day.  

I also remember my brother and her brother (both a year younger than us) laughing their asses off and saying “Sharon, you can’t even stub your toe without crying for half an hour!”  And then I burst into tears because they were teasing me.  lol

Well, that was then, and I can handle a lot more now.  :P

Also, I love proving people wrong.  It’s a both a good thing and terrible thing about me.  lol  I like being right, OKAY?!  So … there. I’m going to do derby, dammit!  XD

I’ve paid my dues to the Battlefords Roller Derby League, therefore I now I have to follow through.  I mean, at least until I get my $60 worth.  :P

When I filled out the sign up forms there were fields for my desired derby name and number. I went with what felt right: Creehawk and 42.  I have been known as Creehawk for so long now, it just seemed like a natural fit, and it sounds cool.  42 is the answer to the ultimate question.  Originally, I wanted 10101 (42 in binary) for the extra geek factor, but apparently there’s a 4 number limit and has to be easy to say so refs can tag you quickly for penalties.  :/

So … yeah.  BUT all is not lost.  I shall just put the binary on my sweet helmet.  ;)  

Oh oh oh!  And my FIRST night out (the try out night), I made the paper!  How cool am I?!  Well, to be honest, not very by any stretch of the imagination.  lol  But still!  I was in the paper!  I looked totally dorky, but I don’t even care!  



I’m the dorky one on the right.  :P  I’m so proud of myself because I didn’t fall once.  Well, not by accident anyway.  I did a bunch of practice falls, y’know, down on one knee and stuff.  It was fun.  

So for my start-up derby checklist we have the following:

  1. Name
  2. Number
  3. Helmet
  4. Elbow Pads
  5. Wrist Guards
  6. Mouth Guard

And that’s it.  I’m still short my knee pads and roller skates.  Yeah, I know the skates are pretty important, but they are also the most expensive.  I have my fingers crossed for this next paycheque.  :D  

Until then … I am left to do derby the nerd way: taking notes.  lol