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Network Drops, Databases, Snowstorms, OHMY!

This has been a very busy week for me.  I spent the weekend in Onion Lake visiting with my brother since it was his birthday on Friday.

Well, it’s busy in general, but that’s life these days.

This week though … IT SNOWED.  Crazy lots!  The weather sites say it snowed about 15-20cm (3-4″ for those of you south of the border).  And it’s still snowing.  It will probably snow a bit more throughout the day, with it tapering off a bit by tonight.  Oi.

But before the snow, I got to do a network drop on Monday which was awesome.  I haven’t the opportunity to do that in a long time.  We ran cable from the server cabinet to the room, installed a wall jack, punched down the line, and made cable ends.  Pretty sweet.  I even got to use the power drill for a bit.  The worst part, though, was running the cable through the ceiling.  Those tiles drop all sorts of crap on your face and hair.  Ugh.  We have safety goggles, but still.  Ew.

And then the storm hit, so we have been office bound since then.  I have gotten a lot of paper work done since then.  I am in the middle of training people on inputting DRA data and attendance on Open Office, using SMART Notebook for the SMART Board, and using the new email system.  Then on top of all that, there’s the regular hardware repair and software maintenance I do.

I love my job.  :D

Which I should probably get back to.  Haha  I mostly just wanted to share the fun snow times.  (Already, I’m certain we’ve had more snow in the past 2 days than we did all of last winter!  Not even an exaggeration which I am prone to do.)

ETA: I just spent my morning and part of the afternoon climbing around IN the ceiling running cable for our new enterprise level access point!  Aside from the insane amount of dust, it was aaaaaaaawesome.  I even got to use the headlamp and walkie talkie.  lol  Best week EVER!  XD

Happy 2012!

This is the time of year most people traditionally make resolutions to better themselves in one way or another.  I usually do my best to refrain from making them, but seeing as I did last year, I may as well again this year.

My resolution?  Blog more.  At least once a week.  There you have it.

The reason I’m making this my resolution is that there have been a LOT of changes in my life in the past year, and I feel as though a lot of it wasn’t recorded well.  I have a terrible memory, and this blog sort of helps me sort through dates and time.  A lot of what I went through this year has been absent in my blog and I’m afraid I won’t remember it all.

For instance: I lost two uncles this year.  My mother’s brother and my father’s first cousin.  I miss them both, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t post about either loss here.  I’ve already forgotten the dates and I hate that about myself.  That I can’t seem to sort through events in even my recent past without mixing it up or remembering it incorrectly.

I also lost my own first cousin in February just shy of her 40th birthday.  That was really difficult.  We weren’t very close, but like all older cousins, she was that mysterious cool cousin that always had a smile on her face.

I don’t want to forget them.

I know intellectually, that I will never forget my family, but emotionally, I already feel like I’m losing something of them.  Which sucks.

But it wasn’t just having my relatives pass away that has me thinking about blogging more, it’s that there was so much change in my life.  It feels it’s been completely turned upside down.  And I missed documenting that change.

I was laid off the job I’d been doing for the past 4 years, and in turn got a new job in the “city”.  I had to relocate my entire family as a result; this meant moving from the home we’ve all known for the past 10 years: the reserve.  I finally found myself dating, and then not (as I dumped the guy twice).  I got a new car in April.  My late cousin’s daughter had a son which in Cree reckoning, makes me a grandmother!  Again (I have two other older cousin whose daughters had babies.)

So much change all in one year.  And that year has seemed to pass by so quickly, I feel as though I missed most of it.

Which is why I resolve to blog more; so I’ll have a better record of everything.  I don’t mean to hold on to any sadness, but hopefully to hold on to the good memories better.

So, in closing, this is me wishing all of you a wonderful and happy new year.

Happy Birthday, Shat and Wonder Woman!

So yesterday was supposedly the first full day of Spring. I don’t think Saskatchewan got the memo. There’s a mini-blizzard going on outside; the roads were horrendous to drive when I took the kids into school this morning. And according to the forecast, we aren’t supposed to see melting type temperatures until next week sometime.


My girl is pretty annoyed because her birthday is late next week, and for the first time, she’s going to see a winter-y birthday. In April. Good times.

But enough sad-face stuff.

Today is William Shatner and Wonder Woman’s birthdays! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I love William Shatner! We’re going to the Calgary Expo this year, and he’s one of the guests! I’m so getting my stalking socks on this year! ;) He’s apparently an 80 years young this year.

My love for the Shat goes back to my Trek days, but really developed during his time as Denny Crane on Boston Legal. Yes, I realize it isn’t a scifi show, but Denny reminded me a lot of my dad who used to practice law, and oddly enough, looks like a little brown Denny Crane. Or should I say, Denny Crane looked like a little white version of my dad. Hahaha.

BUT … Shatner has not severed his ties with scifi just yet. In fact, he’s gone and created a social network devoted to science fiction authors/artists/video creators/fans to hang out and mash-up and create together. He’s using his name in the scifi world to draw in other scifi biggies too! Like Amanda Tapping! And things are actually getting made! It’s pretty cool! It’s called MyOutspace, and it’s worth checking out if you’re into creating original science fiction material. :)

Anyhoot … Happy birthday, Bill!

It’s also Wonder Woman’s birthday as well!

Happy birthday, Diana!
According to the calendar …

Wonder Woman is a great female superhero. She is not my favourite (that honour goes to the current Batgirl incarnation – Stephanie Brown), but she’s definitely up there! And not just because there are so few female superheroes either. Wonder Woman is legitimately an awesome character. :D

I’m so done with winter

This took this yesterday (03/15/11), and as you can see, there’s still a lot of snow out there. And it wasn’t even warm enough to melt today. Bleh. No sun either. I’m about ready to give up on spring, and declare it another ice age. :/