Various pages of interest.  Well, of interest to me … you on the other hand, may not be all that interested at all, but you never know.  Give them a shot.   Check it out.


I am an IT technician.  This is what I do for a living.

Battlefords Agency Tribal Council – My employers


I come from two Nations: Plains Cree and Mohawk.  I am registered with and make my home in Thunderchild First Nation here in Saskatchewan, but I also consider myself from Akwesasne Mohawk Nation on the Ontario, Quebec, New York border.

Thunderchild First Nation – an independent Cree First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada with no affiliation with any Tribal Council and is located approximately 113 kilometers northwest of North Battleford. Also known as Piyesiw Awasis, the membership population is approximately 1,868 of which approximately 630 reside on the reserve. (Wikipedia Page)

Akwesasne Mohawk Nation – a Mohawk Nation (Kanien’kehá:ka) territory that straddles the intersection of international (United States and Canada) and provincial (Ontario and Quebec) borders on both banks of the St. Lawrence River. Most of the land is in what is otherwise the United States. Although legally divided by an international border, the residents consider themselves to be one community. (Wikipedia Page)


Here are a few links that encourage geekiness in girls.  I have a daughter and for some strange reason, she’s decided that I’m pretty cool.  That and she’s taken an interest in science and science fiction.  I’d rather she not go through the agony I went through, so I’m doing my best to raise her in an environment where she’s free to be who she is.  Here are some sites that encourage that for others:

Geek Girls Network – a contribution driven blog dedicated to all things girly and geeky.

Geek Girl Camp – for the “average wannabe geek girl”. In an environment where no one ever has to feel silly about asking the wrong question and getting laughed at.

SCI-FI Camps – fun and exciting programs for a wide variety of age groups all over Saskatchewan (including the WONDERFUL Girl Power Summer Camp!)

Girl Geeks – a LiveJournal community for girls to talk about being geeky.

Geek Girls – a DreamWidth community.  Are you a girl with a penchant for geeky things?   This is the place for you.

Ogoki Learning Systems – FREE Native Language Source Code for an Ojibway Language App, make it your own!


In my spare time, I have taken a great interest in social networking, amateur photography, knitting, sports, etc.  Various things.  In most cases, you can find me under the username “creehawk” if you have an account and want to add me.  :)

Twitter – Twitter is a social networking site built around status updates no longer than 140 characters long.  It’s good times.

Flickr – an online photo sharing community run by Yahoo!  I am archiving my high res pics there.

Facebook – self-explanatory.  Everyone knows FB.

YouTube – Online Television, by YOU! Or, at least, that’s the intention. :P My username is “mscreehawk” here as someone beat me to “creehawk” … bastard.

Ravelry – social networking for crocheters and knitters!  It’s in closed beta at the moment, so you need to apply and wait for an invite.

Blip.fm – social networking much like Twitter, but more for the auriphile in us all.


My family is slowly starting to jump on the internet bandwagon.  Yay!  And I’ll link them here as they give me permission!  lol

Kait Angus – My sister Kait’s website to promote her burgeoning music career.  She’s pretty talented, so you should check her out!

Pixelerated – My brother Mitch’s site.  Great resource for anyone who likes to get full use of their Pocket PC phone! (on hiatus until further notice)

ndnspeechmom – My cousin Skye’s new blog.  She’s a speech pathologist, and from the rez, and super cute!  Always has something neat to say.