Short Films

There is this geek news site I like to frequent.  It’s called GeekTyrant, and over the past few months, they’ve begun to feature little geek-centric short films.  As a direct result, I’ve really started getting into short films.  My favourite ones are about things like zombies, or science fiction.

I find myself enjoying these little peeks into film a lot more than full-length films or television shows. A few of them, I wish they would be made into full features. I’d probably actually leave my house and go watch them in a theatre to see that world on a large screen. Others, though, are perfect the way they are.

The following are a couple of my favourites that I’ve seen over the past few months:
(the second one is the BEST, and probably the one that got me into short films)

Are there any short films that you’ve seen and would like to share?

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